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ChangeRes: Program to set your project version information from the command line

Nov 11, 2004 - Tiriss announced today version 1.2 of ChangeRes. With ChangeRes you can change the version information of your Delphi and C++Builder projects from the command line or batch file.

If you have ever tried to automate your build process using batch files, you have probably run into the problem that there is no easy way to update the version information of your project. This is because the version information is stored in the project.res file which is a binary file. With ChangeRes this problem is gone! Add a simple line like: 

ChangeRes MyProject.Res [VERSIONINFO] FileVersion=

to your batch file, and the version of your project will be set!

With ChangeRes you can also do the following things:

ChangeRes supports Delphi 3-2005 and C++Builder 3-6 project files.

Pricing and Availability: ChangeRes 1.2 is available for US$ 25 for a single user license and US$ 99 for a site license. More information and a trial version can be found on the Tiriss website: .

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